Sunday, December 3, 2006

Them and Us ( or Too Many Questions)

Do these women really have the kind of choice they appear to have? Do they make this choice fully aware of what its implications are? Perhaps they themselves are victims of the condition that they help create. Perhaps there is actually a bigger bubble within which they create their own bubbles, the Bubble they have no control over, the Bubble that makes women look with disdain and contempt upon other women. And really the “choice” that they have made is just a coping mechanism, the same way that the choice that WE have made may also be just our own way of surviving with some dignity in this Bubble that so indignifies us. Can we really fault these women for all the insecurities they breed in those of us who do NOT choose fashion and makeup and magazines? Or is there something bigger at work here that makes pawns of us all? Is it possible that we the “educated” ones are actually making matters worse for all of us women by antagonizing Ms. Cosmo? Are we antagonizing Ms. Cosmo? And is there even such a thing as “all of us women”?

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