Wednesday, December 6, 2006

talaga naman

meanwhile a woman whose bubble has yet to burst: GMA.

imagine! discussing and deciding on charter change at 2:00 in the morning, on a weekday. when no sane Filipino is awake, unless they're call center agents who are in fact living vicariously in another country.

and really, the panggagago is so obvious i've been meaning to scream.

the majority has decided to amend certain sections of the rules of the house, so that they can in the process railroad the constituent assembly towards charter change. the majority currently wants to read a resolution that they say has been signed by a majority, and which talks about the implementation of con ass.

the clincher? they are talking about implementation BEFORE the conass resolution itself is even discussed and approved.

earlier, they also railroaded the vote on what seems to be a harmless thing: changing the constitution will now only require the same process as any bill that congress wishes to pass from the budget for their pork barrels to just getting pills sold over the counter.

kumusta naman? charter change is equal to contraception in our drug stores?

GMA's boys in congress are obviously set on convening the constituent assembly ALREADY, as in right now, this very minute. ganda.

thank god for the partylist representatives, and yes, the opposition. while i know that the opposition is made up of very distinct -- and probably indestructible -- interests, their function within the halls of congress is undoubtedly clear. particularly in the face of a president like GMA who is, sabi nga ni Sir Bien, kapit-tuko.

meanwhile, GMA banks on the rest of us who just don't give a shit -- or are tired of giving a shit. or maybe who just don't know any better. or most probably, just busy trying to survive our lives seemingly independent of the nation.

yes, going back to the streets. where bubbles become irrelevant.

and now a cheap thrill: miriam defensor-santiago just got her bubble pricked.

thank you for dropping her from that list of candidates for chief justice, whoever/whatever you are who has the power to do so.

come on now, let's take GMA on.

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